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PT. Cans Agrinusa (Bogor, Indonesia)

PT. Cans Agrinusa is a company that is engaged in the manufacturer / distributor of equipment / machinery agricultural / industrial.
Beginning named Chakra Agrinusa which began operations in 2004 and in 2007 the corresponding development, under the leadership of Bp. Ir. Khairul H. Jamal changed its name to PT. Cans Agrinusa.
• Based in Jl. Major Oking Km. 3.5 Citereup - Bogor
• With:
1. Deed: N0.01, dated December 8, 2006
2. Deed of Company: W7-01238- HT.01 TH.2007 On February 1, 2007
3. License: No.0139 / 1.824.51 dated February 9th, 2007
4. TDP: No. dated January 6, 2005
5. Registered in the tax: PEM-00 669 / WPJ.04.KP.1003 / 2006
6. TIN: 02.617.017.5-017.000

With the ratification of the Ministry of Justice on 1 February 2007, PT. Cans Agrinusa started to develop its business making and assembling tools / farm machinery by following the technological developments that are applicable.
PT. Cans Agrinusa supported by professional personnel skilled in their fields, making it a leading company in innovation manufacture the latest machines.
Some engines of innovation / latest invention:
1. corn seed planter machine, manufactured in early 2007
2. Machine VCO processing package, produced mid-2005

In addition to the machines mentioned above, PT. Cans Agrinusa has designed and built more than 50 machines a much needed commodity and industry in Indonesia (Data attached).

All the design and production of machines PT. Cans Agrinusa created because of the motivation of the Directorate of Agriculture / Agricultural Machinery to create a tool / machine that can be reached by the Indonesian agricultural society.

PT. Cans Agrinusa not claim to be the best company in the procurement of machinery / agriculture, but we are one of the references for agribusiness entrepreneurs in taking decisions.
With a segmented basis, PT. Cans Agrinusa very worthy to be your choice for the procurement of equipment / machinery agricultural industry because we have excess:
1. Ready Stock
2. Having a warranty card
3. Provide free training
4. Ensure the procurement of spare parts and after-sales
5. Receive a variety of special order specifications of the machine


Mengubah teknologi Industri pertanian Indonesia dari yang sederhana menjadi teknologi yang berdaya guna.


Maju bersama dengan Sumber Daya Manusia yang handal untuk kesejahteraan bersama.


Kawasan Industri Cikeas RT 005 RW 010 Kel. Karang Asem Barat Kec. Citeureup Bogor
Bogor , Indonesia


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